Class Expectations

Posted 04/20/2020


Class Expectations

Log into your class website daily. Seesaw for grades K-2 and Google Classroom for grades 3-5.

Participate in the daily class video conference on Google Meet.

Ask questions and talk with the teacher if you need help.

Complete the daily assignments.

Turn in your work daily by 5pm. Talk with your teacher if you need to do your work later in the day.

Read your teacher comments on your work and make any needed changes.

Use polite words and actions in all your work.

Google Meet Expectations

Log in a few minutes before the meeting.

Mute your microphone.

Participate, but let others also participate.

Raise your hand, or virtual hand, or use the chat box if you have a question.

Keep the conversation on topic.

Make sure nothing personal is in your camera view.

Keep your computer still.

Sit up while we learn.

Hang up when the meeting is over.


We are still in school, even though school may look different. Attendance is taken daily at 5pm. Students need to complete their assigned work in order to be marked “present”. If your child has an excused absence, you need will need to call the school attendance line at 720-424-5277 so it is marked excused.

If your family becomes ill with Covid-19, please call the school attendance line so absences will be marked “excused”.

Video Conference Etiquette

Your child should attend their daily class video conference. Please make sure your child is fully dressed and ready to go before the conference begins.

Help your child find a quiet place where they can sit up and participate with the class.

Remember, the class can see and hear everything in the background of the video conference. Plan accordingly.

School Information

It is expected that you check the school website at least once a week for school updates and announcements. Please visit us at